Green Sourcing Policy

The Green Sourcing Policy seeks to promote and incentivize environmental awareness referred to the whole supply chain and to encourage decisions that can reduce the environmental impact of goods and services sourced by Pirelli.

The document strives to broaden the organisation’s vision as much as possible towards a methodology based on an analysis of all of the possible ways of reducing the associated environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain, including all that is conceived and designed internally and then contracted out to suppliers.

The Green Sourcing Policy has been designed in a highly pragmatic and intentionally specific manner, citing key words such as:

  • “lifecycle” – this is the only approach that the company chooses to take, in order to be in a position to make decisions based on thorough, all-inclusive analyses;
  • “reduction, reuse and recovery” – these are the macro-categories that define the ways in which we reduce the impact of a good or a service.

Pirelli is also committed to encouraging its suppliers to integrate the Green Sourcing Policy into their own sourcing models and throughout their respective supply chains.

The policy is available below, translated into a variety of languages, including those that are spoken by the Group’s suppliers.

English Version (95 KB) Italian Version (92 KB)
Arabian Version (53 KB)
Bulgarian Version (159 KB)
Chinese Version (119 KB) Czech Version (177 KB)
Dutch Version (98 KB) Finnish Version (121 KB)
French Version (95 KB) German Version (248 KB)
Greek Version (180 KB) Hungarian Version (156 KB)
Indonesian Version (94 KB) Japanese Version (170 KB)
Korean Version (301 KB) Malaysian Version (94 KB)
Polish Version (177 KB) Portuguese Version (93 KB)
Romanian Version (166 KB) Russian Version ( 124 KB)
Spanish Version (92 KB) Swedish Version (92 KB)
Turkish Version (179 KB)

Last revised: 12 Jun 2020