Antitrust Program

Doing business in full compliance with a fair and sound competition has always been an essential element of the culture and the market strategy of Pirelli.
In accordance with its Global Antitrust and Fair Competition Policy, Pirelli has adopted a Global Antitrust Program, in line with the best international practices and constantly updated on the basis of the most recent developments of competition laws, in order also to ensure a more effective compliance with the different applicable regulations in force in the various countries in which Pirelli operates.
The Antitrust Program consists of targeted training activities and specific assistance to business and it includes, also, in-depth materials available to everyone working in the company, in order to facilitate a quick reference in the daily management of the business affairs.
Pirelli renews thus its commitment to observing and enforcing the antitrust rules, by promoting the knowledge of the latter and giving an example of the practical application of such fundamental principles.

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Last revised: 1 Dec 2021