The Report on the corporate governance and ownership structure, drafted pursuant to art. 123-bis TUF ("Corporate Governance Report"), according to the format proposed by Borsa Italiana, contains information on the Company, its governance structure (in particular, the corporate bodies, their composition, term of office, functioning and duties), ownership structures, internal control systems and risk management and any other relevant corporate information.

The principles inspiring the Company’s governance are compliant with the laws and regulations and the international best practices and recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code, in accordance with the provision sets forth under the By-laws (article 3.3), which states that "the corporate governance of Pirelli will be inspired to the international best practices".

The Corporate Governance Report for the year 2019 included in the Annual Report at December 31, 2019, was approved, upon prior review by the Audit, Risks, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, by the Board of Directors during the meeting held on March 2, 2020. 

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Last revised: 15 Apr 2020