Manager responsible for the preparation of the corporate financial documents

At the meeting of August 31, 2017, the Board of Directors of the Company confirmed the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Francesco Tanzi, Manager responsible for the preparation of the corporate financial documents for the term of the mandate of the Company's Board of Directors.

The Manager has the following main tasks:

to prepare adequate administrative and accounting procedures for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements and consolidated financial statements as well as any other financial statements;
issue a written statement attesting the correspondence of the Company's disclosures and communications to the market and relating to the Company's accounting information even to the Bank's accounting records, books and accounting records;
certify with a special report made according to the model established by CONSOB regulations, attached to the financial statements, the interim consolidated financial statements and the consolidated financial statements:
- the adequacy and effective application of the procedures referred to in letter a) during the period to which the documents relates;
- that the documents are drawn up in accordance with the applicable international accounting standards recognized in the European Community pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 July 2002
- the correspondence of the documents with the results of the books and accounts;
- the suitability of the documents to provide a true and fair view of the financial, economic and financial situation of the Company and all the companies included in the consolidation;
- for the financial statements and for the consolidated financial statements, the report on operations includes a reliable analysis of the performance and results of operations as well as the situation of the Company and all of the companies included in the consolidation together with the description of the main risks and uncertainties to which they are exposed;
- for the abbreviated half-yearly financial statements, the interim management report contains a reliable analysis of the information referred to in paragraph 4 of Article 154-ter of the TUF.

The Manager is also assigned all the organizational and managerial powers necessary to carry out the duties assigned to him by the applicable legislation, the Bylaws and the Board of Directors. For the exercise of the powers conferred on it, full autonomy of expenditure is recognized.

The Manager is called upon to attend meetings of the Company's Board of Directors on the agenda of the Company's economic and financial data.

It shall without delay inform the delegate managing body, the Board of Directors, also through the Audit, Risk, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee of any significant matters of relevance which it considers to be, if incorrect, to be stated in the certificate provided for in Article 154-bis of the TUF.

The Manager in charge has direct access to all the information necessary for the production of the accounting data without the need for any authorization; takes part in the internal flows for accounting purposes and approves all corporate procedures that have an impact on the Company's economic, equity and financial position.

The Manager reports, at least once a year, to the Board of Directors either directly or through a board committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

The Board of Directors shall ensure that the Manager in charge has the appropriate means and powers to carry out the tasks entrusted, as well as on the effective observance of the administrative and accounting procedures.

Last revised: 4 Oct 2017 7:00 am