External Auditor

Pursuant to the current legislation, the audit of the accounts is carried out by an auditing firm appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting upon motivated proposal of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

The Shareholders' Meeting of 1 August 2017 conferred to Pricewaterhouse Coopers S.p.A. with effectiveness from 4 October 2017 (date of listing of the Company's shares on the stock exchange), the mandate to audit the Company's financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the years 2017 - 2025 and of the Company's semi-annual consolidated financial statements for the semesters that will close at 30 June of the years 2018 to 2025.

In addition, Pricewaterhouse Coopers S.p.A., has also the mandate, through the organizations present in the various countries in which the Group operates, to audit the financial statements of the main Pirelli Group companies.

*Partner Responsible: Paolo Caccini

Last revised: 4 Oct 2017 7:00 am