Anti-Corruption program

The Policy "Anti-Corruption Compliance Program", adopted for the first time in August 2013, represents a reference framework for the prohibition of corrupt practices and provides a systematic collection of guidelines and rules, already adopted in Pirelli, integrated with "new" and specific dispositions. It further strengthens the anti-corruption infrastructure of the Group and integrates, for Italy, the Organizational Model 231.
The Program is the document to which Pirelli, all its employees and all those who have business relationships or other collaborations with the company, adheres to the fighting corruption and is the subject of specific education and awareness actions.
This Program, developed as a result of a specific assessment of exposure to corruption risk in the countries where the Group operates, has recently been updated also in light of the international ISO 37001 procedure which provides guidelines to prevent, search out and deal with the corruption.

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Last revised: 7 Jul 2022