The strategic evolution of Group Sustainability is entrusted to the Sustainability Steering Committee, a body appointed in 2004, chaired by the CEO and composed of the Company’s Top Management representing all the organisational and functional responsibilities. The Committee ordinarily meets at least once a year.

The organisational structure is thus made up of Group Sustainability and Risk Governance Department which has oversight of the management at a Group level and proposes plans for sustainable development to the Sustainability Steering Committee.

The Sustainability Department receives support from the Country Sustainability Managers for overseeing activities covering all subsidiaries of the Group. The role of the Country Sustainability Manager is held by Country CEOs, who are supported by their direct subordinates in the operational management of Country plans.

Finally, the Board of Directors, supported in its activities by the Audit, Risks, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, approves the objectives and targets for sustainable management integrated in the Group Plan. The Board of Directors also approves Pirelli’s Annual Report, including the Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure, which is in turn subject to the supervision of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

Last revised: 10 Jun 2019