Global human rights policy

Pirelli's activities are based on respect of global human rights, which are a non-negotiable fundamental value of its culture and corporate strategy, in alignment with the Sustainability Model envisaged in the United Nations Global Compact.

The Company operates in respect of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and is constantly engaged in improving the processes aimed at identifying, evaluating, preventing and mitigating potential risks of human rights violation along its value chain, promptly implementing corrective actions if these events occur.

Pirelli promotes respect for human rights and adherence to the applicable international standards among its Partners and Stakeholders, with particular attention to its supply chain and considering the international, multiracial, socially and economically diverse conditions in which the Group value chain operates.

The Company is open to constructive dialogue and cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and sectorial and academic bodies for the development of global policies and principles aimed at protecting human rights.

The activities carried out and the performances achieved are periodically communicated through the Group's annual report and the corporate website. The Group provides its Stakeholders with a dedicated channel (the “Group Whistleblowing Policy-Complaint Procedure” published on the Pirelli website) for reporting any situation, also anonymous, that in breach of this Policy poses or could pose a risk of Human Rights violation.

The commitments cited above are included in the Global Human Rights Policy.

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Last revised: 22 Sep 2016