Pirelli Corporate Governance Pillars

corporate governance structure aligned
with the best practices, as set in the art. 3.3 of the By-laws

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Key role of
Board of



  • Adequate balance of executive, non-executive and independent directors
  • Number of non-executive directors shall ensure that their vote has a significant impact on the BoD decisions
  • High presence of independent directors (the majority of the BoD)

Diversity Balance of managerial skills, taking into account the benefit that could stem from the presence of different genders, age and seniorities

Set-up of internal committees mainly composed of independent directors

  • Audit, Risks Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Appointment and Succession Committee
  • Committee for Transactions with Related-Parties
  • Strategies Commitee

Strong internal control requirements


Set-up of adequate procedures

Internal control and risks management system aimed at measuring, managing and monitoring the risks



Incentive system aimed at aligning the interests of executive directors and key management with those of shareholders in terms of creation of value in a medium-long timeframe