Engagement Policy

Pirelli believes that constant dialogue with shareholders and, more generally, with the main stakeholders in the financial market contributes to the creation of sustainable value for the Company.

In conducting these relations, the Company is inspired by international best practices, ensuring equal, transparent, timely and accurate communication, all in compliance with current legislation on market abuse. Over time, the Company has developed multiple channels of communication with shareholders and Financial Market Stakeholders.

Pursuant to Recommendation no. 3 of the Corporate Governance Code, on 23 February 2022, the Board of Directors, after receiving the favourable opinion of the Risk Control, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, adopted a specific Engagement Policy. This Policy has been lastly amended by the Board of Directors on 3 August 2023 in order to reflect the new governance of the Company. The Engagement Policy - following existing practices - governs the rules for the management of dialogue by the Board of Directors, through the Executive Vice President and with the assistance of the relevant departments (mainly Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs), with shareholders and key stakeholders in the financial market in which the Company operates.

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Engagement Policy

Last revised: 3 Aug 2023