Pirelli believes that the information about the Company is a fundamental component of the company's assets and must be safeguarded and protected in order to achieve its objectives beyond regulatory obligations.


On 31 August 2017 – confirming the resolutions approved on 28 July 2017 from the Board of Directors outgoing - the Board of Directors of Pirelli &C adopted, with effect as of the date of the application to Borsa Italiana for admission to listing on the MTA, a procedure for defining principles and rules regarding the prevention of market abuse (Market Abuse Procedure).

All the members of the management and controlling bodies and employees of Pirelli and the Group companies, as well as all the persons that, by virtue of their professional activities, have access on a regular and occasional basis, to inside information relating to the Company or to the companies of the Group, are obliged to comply.

The Market Abuse Procedure regulates: (a) the management of the “inside information”, which is information that may become “inside” pursunt to Article 7 of the EU Regulation o. 596/2014 (the “Inside Information”); (b) the management and dissemination to the public of the Inside Information; (c) the institution and update of the list of persons that, by virtue of their professional activities or the functions carried out, have access to the Inside Information; (d) the obligations relating to the operations of Pirelli shares, debt securities, as well as on the derivatives or any other financial instruments connected to them by certain persons at the top of the management (so – called “internal dealing”); (e)the operational modalities and the field of application of the prohibition imposed to Pirelli with regard to the execution of any transaction in respect of Pirelli shares, debt securities, as well as on the derivatives or any other financial instruments connected to them in certain specific period (so- called “back out period”), in compliance with EU Regulation No. 596/2014 and the relevant executive provisions; (f) the execution or receipt of market sounding in compliance with Aricle 11 og the EU Regulation o. 596/2014 and the relevant execution provisions.

On 7 August 2018 the Board of Directors approved some amendments to the Market Abuse Procedure, in order to take into account the adoption by Consob of the Guidelines on the management of Insider Information dated October 2017, as well as the indications provided by ESMA.

The Market Abuse Procedure was last approved by resolution of the Board of Directors on 3 August 2023 in order to reflect the new organizational structure of the Company and to ensure compliance with the provisions of the most recent legislative reforms.

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Market Abuse Procedure

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Template for IR Significant Parties

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Template for MAR Significant Parties

Last revised: 3 Aug 2023