Group Code of Conduct

In 2013 the Board of Directors of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. approved the updated version of the Group Code of Conduct. The Code is a manual of good company practices and behaviors, in compliance with laws and regulations in force in the Countries where Pirelli operates, with a view to prevent situations potentially favorable to the commitment of crimes.

The Code of Conduct represents an operating declination of the Group Ethical Code and it particularly focuses on three areas:

  • for Company relations with Public Administrations;
  • on Corporate matters and communications to the market;
  • for relations with internal subjects and third parties.

The Code of Conduct identifies, though not exhaustively, behaviors in terms of “do’s” and “don’ts”. The “do’s” area states the obligation to comply with laws and regulations in all the Countries where Pirelli operates, as well as the rules of conduct to be followed, while the “don’ts” area identifies the prohibited conducts and behaviors.

The principles and commitments described in the Code of Conduct apply to all Group Affiliates and relevant suppliers, that’s why the Code of Conduct is available both in Employees’ languages and in the languages mostly spoken by Suppliers.

English Version (210 KB) German Version (214 KB)
Spanish Version (152 KB) Portuguese Version (289 KB)
Finnish Version (286 KB) Dutch Version (207 KB)
Polish Version (231 KB) Russian Version (464 KB)
Romanian Version (508 KB) Czech Version (409 KB)
Hungarian Version (458 KB) Turkish Version (529 KB)
Arabic Version (585 KB) Chinese Version (334 KB)
Bulgarian Version (737 KB) Greek Version (416 KB)
Indonesian Version (569 KB) Japanese Version (950 KB)
Korean Version (442 KB) Malaysian Version (226 KB)
French Version (219 KB) Swedish Version (92 KB)
Italian Version (207 KB)

Last revised: 15 June 2017