Graduate opportunities

Pirelli offers students and recent graduates great opportunities for both internships and permanent contracts.

Internships are often the first step for a career at Pirelli. The length and characteristics of internships may vary from country to country due to local university systems, but what remains the same are the values of the experience: meritocracy, empowerment and personal development.

Warming up

Once hired with a permanent contract, new graduates join the Warming Up Programme, a learning opportunity for the first two years of work in the company.

The Warming Up Programme supports the youngest generation of Pirelli employees with the essential knowledge and tools to understand the company and maximize the value they generate. It is made up of 4 learning paths:

is the first official welcome to all new employees and an important opportunity to understand the Pirelli culture and key elements of the company.

Inside Pirelli

takes participants on a journey through the company functions and offers a deeper understanding of how Pirelli operates on the market.

Pirelli way

is a chance to explore the company’s methods and approaches in facing different scenarios.

Tomorrow in Pirelli

helps participants put into perspective their experience in Pirelli so far and the future opportunities which await them.

After the Warming Up journey, young Pirelli Professionals are ready to take on new challenges and leave their mark.