1. Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy

      1. With global demand for natural rubber expected to rise, a sustainable natural rubber supply chain is essential in order to preserve forests, biodiversity, and to allow long-lasting development for local communities and economies.

        Pirelli is committed to promote, develop and implement a sustainable and responsible procurement and use of natural rubber throughout its entire value chain. In addition to engage with its contractors, Pirelli fosters and supports forms of valuable active cooperation at industrial sector level and among Stakeholders playing a material role in the natural rubber value chain, in the conviction a shared effort can grant a stronger and faster move towards sustainable development of the global natural rubber supply chain.

        Pirelli Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy is the result of a long drafting process based on consultation with key Stakeholders within the value chain, and knowledge sharing activity with Corporations having historical experience on natural raw materials sustainable sourcing. The Draft version of the Policy was submitted to Stakeholders in a consultation session held in September 2017, attended by International NGOs, major Pirelli natural rubber Suppliers, traders and farmers within the supply chain, Automotive Clients, Multilateral Organizations.

        To facilitate the implementation of the Policy, Pirelli has drawn up an Implementation Manual , again building upon Stakeholders active involvement and consultation.

        Pirelli has also released its Roadmap of activities 2019-2021 , with a detailed view of what planned for 2019.

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    1. Sustainable Natural Rubber Implementation Manual

      1. Pirelli has drawn up this Implementation Manual to provide clarification on the underlying values and concepts set in its Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy, and to ensure that Suppliers can rely on a master document that puts together the suggested activities and the reference tools to implement the Policy at the different levels of the chain.

        The Manual is the result of over one year multi-stakeholder engagement process. The drafting started on the field with the consultation of key natural rubber business actors including processors, collectors, middle men, small holders/growers, local NGOs, natural rubber industry local unions. Draft provisions were then trialed on the ground. The Draft Manual was submitted to key International Stakeholders to be further enriched according to their feedback.

        This Manual is meant to evolve and improve over time as a result of field experiences, and according to the evolution of the normative context and of the rubber industry. Therefore, Pirelli will review it on a yearly basis in order to ensure its updating and alignment with the latest progress.

        The Manual has been translated in local languages and constitutes the base for the 2019 training sessions that Pirelli is organizing for Suppliers in the relevant countries.

        See more on Pirelli roadmap 2019-2021 and activities planned for 2019.

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        Chinese Version
        Indonesian Version
        Malaysian Version
        Portuguese Version
        Thai Version

    1. Implementation Roadmap 2019-2021 & Plan 2019

      1. In 2018 Pirelli focused resources towards understanding the realities of its direct suppliers and part of their already known supply chain until upstream.

        Local dialogues on field visits were performed, and this led to the drafting of the Implementation Manual of Pirelli Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy.

        To perform the above, Pirelli partnered with TFT – The Forest Trust, and with a number of Pirelli key Suppliers.

        The intense work on the ground in 2018 confirms that full visibility of the gaps between Pirelli Policy and field practices until upstream are still limited and are expected to vary depending on the context the supplier is operating in across different geographic regions.

        Therefore, Pirelli has developed the following policy implementation roadmap with key objectives to achieve by 2021.

        Below is also the detailed Plan of activities for 2019, including the KPIs that will be used to measure the progress made and to report it to stakeholders at the end of the year on Pirelli website.

        Pirelli Implementation Roadmap 2019-2021 & Plan 2019

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