Represented below is the structure of Pirelli & C. S.p.A.’s share capital.

Source: NASDAQ, Libro soci Pirelli
  1. On September 2019 Camfin SpA has underwritten, with primary financial institutions, financial instruments denominated “Call Spread”, maturing on September 2022, with 48,9 million Pirelli shares underlying equal to approximately 5% of the Pirelli’s share capital. By virtue of the acquisition of these financial instruments, Camfin has the right to buy Pirelli shares at a predetermined price and increase its stake in Pirelli’s share capital from 10.1% up to approximately 15% (More information on transactions are available at the following link).
  2. Long-Term Investments Luxembourg S.A.; stake transferred to a third party, subject to a "Repurchase Agreement". Such third party committed to transfer back to LTI, when due, the ownership of the same number of Pirelli stocks and to do everything is in its power to exercise the right to vote, subject to the transaction, according to the voting instructions given by LTIeach time.

Latest update: September 2019