Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Protecting people’s health, safety and welfare and protecting the environment are core values of the Pirelli Group in conducting and developing its activities.

Pirelli’s strategies for sustainable development pursue continuous improvement in environmental, occupational health and safety and welfare related aspects, in accordance with the Company’s Values and Ethical Code and in compliance with the Sustainability Model envisaged by the United Nations Global Compact.

The Company pursues the goals of reduction of environmental impact of Group operations and of “zero injuries to people” through the prompt identification, assessment and prevention of environmental risks promptly putting in place remedy actions in case such events occur.

Pirelli promotes its culture of safety at work and protection of the environment with its Stakeholders, with a focus on its supply chain, and actively collaborates on a national and international level with institutional and academic institutions.

The activities and performances recorded are reported periodically through the Group's annual report and the corporate website. Pirelli also provides its Stakeholders with a dedicated channel (the “Group Whistleblowing Policy-Complaint Procedure” published on the Pirelli website) for reporting any situation, also anonymous, that poses or could pose a risk to the health, safety or welfare of individuals as well as for the protection of the environment.

The commitments mentioned above are duly declined in the Policy Health, Safety and Environment.

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Last revised: 12 June 2020