List of Insiders

The Market Abuse Procedure identifies the internal dealing parties in accordance with the applicable internal dealing regulation and, in particular:

Other subjects qualified as "relevant parties":
Parties that hold at least 10% of share capital or control.

Who are closely linked to those indicated are insiders as well.

For persons closely related to Insiders:
(i) a spouse who is not legally separated or a partner who is treated as a spouse under the law,
(ii) children, including those of the spouse, who
(iii) are dependants under the law, a relative who has lived in the same household for at least one year at the date of the purchase transaction;
(iv) legal persons, trusts and partnerships:
     (a) administered by a MAR Significant Party or by one of the persons indicated in point (i) above, or
     (b) that is directly or indirectly controlled by that person, or established for the benefit of that person, or
     (c) whose economic interests are substantially the same as those of that person.

Last revised: 9 Aug 2018