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Pirelli has set externally validated, science-based carbon-reduction targets throughout the value chain, from design to materials, from process to product, consistent with the actions needed to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

74% in 2022

Electricity from renewable sources

(100% from the grid by 2025)

Since 2015, we have cut our manufacturing emissions by 41%, boosted by moving to 100 per cent of purchased electricity coming from renewable sources by 2025.

-41% in 2022

CO2 emissions from manufacturing

(-42% by 2025 vs 2015)

-8.9% in 2022

CO2 reduction from supply chain

(90% response rate for raw material supplier by 2023)

We want to provide the best solutions for decarbonisation for our customers and the automotive industry.

-1.1% in 2022 (vs 2019)

Specific energy consumption

(-10% by 2025 vs 2019)

Measuring our impact