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at the Heart
of Growth

We believe in sustainable growth based on the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and human relationships. We have a responsibility towards the people, and we prioritize the utmost respect for human rights, health, safety, and well-being, as well as recognizing the uniqueness of each individual at the core of our ecosystem's inclusive growth potential.


Pirelli People

(31.301 in 2022)

That means understanding how everything we do has an impact on our people, whether they are our customers, our employees in our labs, factories, and offices or the people and wider communities who contribute to our global supply chains.

27% in 2023

Women in managerial position

(≥33% in 2030)


Average number of training days per employee

We owe them all a responsibility, and we make good on that responsibility by prioritising human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion, all built on our corporate commitment to the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our ecosystem.


Sustainable engagement index

(Our target: constantly ≥ 80%)

Measuring our impact