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Sustainability and safety drive our product philosophy: from building virtuous product life cycles to reducing CO2 footprint in every material and process.

38% in 2022

Bio-based and Recycled materials

(48% by 2025 and 72% by 2030)

Following this approach, our total materials use in our best-performing tyre will be 72 per cent sustainable by 2030, with the goal of a 100 per cent sustainable tyre by 2050.

50% in 2022

Tyre energy efficiency
rolling resistance A+B Class

(>70% by 2025)

93% in 2022

Tyre safety - wet grip A+B class

(˃90% by 2025)

With improvements in tyre energy efficiency and reduced wear rates, we aim to be the partner of choice for every customer on the journey to sustainability.

-22% in 2022

Low wear emissions

Measuring our impact