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Pirelli Annual Report 2022

The Editorial Project

The concept

"Ma(n)chine Learning" is the title of the Annual Report 2022 in which four authors, both Italian and international, along with a generative intelligence chat, delve into the theme of the ability of humans and machines to learn from their mistakes.

The introduction is written by Giorgio Metta, the scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology, who describes AI as "the new electricity", an invention that will have a strong impact on human habits and daily life.

In the text "Writing with artificial intelligence", Hanif Kureishi and his son Sachin discuss the use of AI-guided platforms for writing, highlighting their potential and the creative limitations they still possess.

In "To err is human, thankfully", written by Nicola Lagioia, practical and historical examples are presented to support the thesis that human minds are at the core of AI learning.

American author Peter Cameron, in his fictional story "Perfect Time", places humans at the center, exploring their evolving relationship with machines over time, even if they are sometimes bound by customs they are unwilling to let go of.

The topic has also been addressed by ChatGPT, one of the artificial intelligence software programs currently at the forefront of this revolution.

Accompanying these reflections are five cartoons by cartoonist Liza Donnelly, providing a humorous and grotesque perspective on our relationship with technology.

Lastly, "Ma(n)chine Learning" examines the adoption and diffusion of AI at Pirelli. It explores how the human-machine relationship is evolving in light of the latest technologies and its impact on everyday work, posing questions to five managers in different business areas.