The following are the macro-guidelines that each Pirelli Affiliate applies to identify stakeholders and their interests, clarifying stakeholders' views of a focal organization (or other entity), identifying some key strategic issues and beginning the process of identifying coalitions of support, or opposition.

Stakeholder Identification and Management

Involved Functions
CEO, Head of each Function, Operating Team as defined the Heads of Functions.

Operating Model
This involves several practical steps:

  • Brainstorm the list of potential stakeholders;
  • Prepare a separate flip chart sheet for each stakeholder;
  • Place a stakeholder's name at the top of each sheet;
  • Create a narrow column down the right side of each sheet and leave the column Blank;
  • For each stakeholder, in the area to the left of the narrow column, list the criteria the stakeholder would use to judge the organization's performance and list what the stakeholder's expectations are of the organization. All this with short, medium and long-term view;
  • Specify how each stakeholder influences the organization;
  • Identify the existence of Stakeholder-issue interrelationship, which will help show which stakeholders have an interest in different issues, and how the stakeholders might be related to other stakeholders through their relationships with the issues;
  • Rank the stakeholders according to their importance to the organization. When doing so consider the stakeholder's power, legitimacy and attention-getting capacity
  • Decide what the organization needs from each stakeholder in the short, medium and long term;
  • Identify for each Stakeholder which issues are under management and which not, including the efficacy of both dialogue tools and Key Performance Indicators currently used to measure the Impact.
  • Identify new dialogue and measurement tools as appropriate
  • Set the improvement plans.

Stakeholder Maps, engagement plans, measurement results and communication methods follow the group internal guidelines and are shared with Pirelli Headquarter.