Pirelli’s vision is expressed by the will of changing the driving experience by constantly challenging the boundaries of tyre technology, style and sustainability, pioneering technologies and setting trends in communities across the world.

Pirelli is synonymous with quality, reliability, strong emotions and the ultimate in performance. It is in the high tech and superior performance segment of the high-end market where Pirelli has, over the years, built its leadership.

To reach a sustainable long-term value, we want to establish and develop close and long-term relationships with our suppliers, who have to share the same aspirations for innovation, high quality, sustainable products and processes.

We want to be recognized as an enterprise that inspires trust and respect and that creates value both for our partners and for ourselves, taking fully into account the importance of fulfilling our strict environmental, social and economic requirements to achieve a strong and long lasting competitive edge.

This Supplier Handbook has been designed to provide our suppliers with a clear statement of our Principles and Values, Managerial Approach, Requirements and Conduct to be consulted and complied with.

The content of the Supplier Handbook must be held as the guidelines for every business relationship with the Pirelli Group, becoming an integral part of each purchasing agreement concerning goods and/or services.

By promoting a deep orientation towards first-class quality levels and complying with high ethical and environmental standards, our Purchasing Department provides a useful interface for our suppliers, who we consider essential enablers of continuous improvement, progress and with whom we want to share excellent performance.

We master the challenge to delivery performance.