Pirelli’s welfare is defined since its first shaping by its founder and his successors’ attention to the well-being of people and their desire to create a sense of belonging to the Company, making workers feel part of a community.


The main focus of Welfare in Pirelli is to promote and support the well-being of our people: their engagement is supported by our Company’s organizational culture. On the other hand we:

  • Concretely support them by offering specific and personalized well-being and welfare solutions which take into account changes in legislation as well as in social context
  • Encourage and enhance new agile ways of working
  • Make work environments increasingly inclusive, collaborative and stimulating

The initiatives that our Company offers to its employees vary by country, in compliance with the specific regulatory, social and cultural frameworks in which the affiliates operate.

  • Listen
  • Personalization
  • Communication
  • Involvement

We are focused on our people’s wellbeing promoting periodical company surveys and other ways of direct listening of their needs.

MY VOICE survey

Is Pirelli’s global opinion survey, periodically carried out in order to measure various aspects having an impact on people engagement at work.
For the years 2021 to 2023, My Voice will namely focus on giving voice to our people’s views on Wellbeing and we will adopt a decentralized approach. The main wellbeing dimensions (physical, emotional, social, organizational) as well as the sustainable engagement ones will be taken into account, enabling each Country to develop specific action plans, aimed to increase our people’s wellbeing and engagement.

We support our people in setting and managing an optimal and personalized work life balance, through a wide range of dedicated services and benefits: from health to education, from family to leisure time and mobility and purchase agreements.

Each Country has a specific welfare services offer and a dedicated communication plan: all of them share a common global matrix, defined by a Global Welfare Policy that underlines these intervention areas in order to support our Company welfare:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family Support
  • Services to the person
  • Working life and environments

We promote inclusive, collaborative and stimulating work environments by both increasing the sense of belonging and the organizational and individual well-being. A number of our people direct involvement initiatives take place in each Country.


Pirelli supports the physical, social and emotional well-being of its people as well as their involvement through targeted and personalized welfare and well-being programs, advancing their performance and individual well-being.

Physical well-being

Emotional well-being

Social well-being

Organizational well-being



Our historical focus on health and safety includes prevention and well-being.New initiatives, such as information sessions, training and communication campaigns on the subject of lifestyle, nutrition and the culture of prevention have been introduced over time in addition to those that historically have been in place.


Over the years Pirelli’s attention in supporting its people families kept increasing, promoting various actions such as Bambini in Bicocca programs during school closures and breaks, dedicated meetings for working parents, summer camps to provide parents with concrete help, annual scholarships, including the study abroad ones, and counselling desk for parents and caregivers.


Remote working, already underway in Pirelli since 2016, has currently established itself as a real social and cultural transformation, spreading and consolidating new, more agile ways of working globally based on empowerment and trust.


The main need in the modern world is time, made an even scarcer resource. Company welfare cannot ignore the issue, and should find a way to help its people have more time for themselves and their families while keeping the same performance at work.