The values and Ethical Code of Pirelli

In 2003 the Board of Directors of Pirelli& C. S.p.A.approved the Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group.

This document provides all the Group's affiliates with cogent and uniform guidelines for the professional practicesto be followed by anyone who work for or on behalf of the Pirelli Group, or has business dealings with it ("Addressees of the Code") including agents and other intermediaries. The Ethical Code was revised in 2009 to bring it in line with the evolution of the Group's sustainability strategy and to satisfy new market and corporate governance requirements.

In particular, this document:

  • sets out the Group's mission;
  • illustrates the values on which Pirelli's own business activities are based: i.e. fairness and propriety, transparency, sustainable growth, customer focus, responsibility and striving after results, professional excellence, innovation, quality and performance, integration and speed;
  • indicates the principles of conduct on which Pirelli bases its business activity in internal and external relations;
  • identifies the stakeholders with which Pirelli interacts, describing the sustainable approach that characterises the relationship with each one of them;
  • envisages appropriate penalties for violation of the Code.

The Group's "Whistle-blowing" procedure, issued in 2009, is a key tool for enforcing compliance with the Code.

The updated version of the Code has been distributed to all Group employees through a specific internal communication campaign during the first several months of 2010.

See below for the original and translated versions of the document.

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Last Revised: 31 Jul 2013