Pirelli and culture

Pirelli is one of the pioneers of the history of Italian business culture. With a corporate strategy built on research, quality, innovation and international vision, Pirelli has been in the driving seat of many of the important changes throughout Italy's industry history, as well as for major developments in design and business communication. As a result, the company has earned itself a reputations as a major driver of Italy's modernisation.  Pirelli has long been the symbol of Lombard industriousness, inspired by the principles of social equality, modernity and a strong belief in progress. In this context, Pirelli has always been aware of the importance of the relationship between business and the art world and devotes much time to projects and events that bring the two worlds ever closer. 

Pirelli's commitment to culture can also be seen in the many collaborations which the company has signed over the years with prestigious artistic and cultural institutions. These include the Brera Picture Gallery, FAI, the Italian institute that manages the country's natural heritage, the ISEC institute for contemporary history, the Italian Film Archives and now also the XXI Milan Triennale International Exhibition with a project entitled 21st century.  Design after Design. In the music and theatre worlds, Pirelli is among the permanent founding members of the Teatro alla Scalo Foundation, the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and a partner of the Teatro Franco Parenti and Piccolo Teatro in Milan. Moreover, a sponsorship of the MITO SettembreMusica festival has been in place since 2007.
On the front-line, defending Pirelli's commitment to culture, is Fondazione Pirelli, which the company set up in 2009 in the knowledge that safeguarding the group's cultural, historical and contemporary heritage is important not only to the company itself, but also to society as a whole and the specific local community in which it is situated.  The Foundation's main objective is to promote this heritage and bring it into the public domain by highlighting the contents of the many documents contained in the Historical Archives. This is done through events ranging from exhibitions and guided tours to conferences on the history of business and labour. More specifically for schools, the Foundation runs creative and educational projects for classes of all ages. The Italian Superintendence for the national archival heritage has designated the Pirelli Archive a item of historical interest. The latter contains carefully restored documents, digitalized to make them more easily accessible and narrating more than 140 years of group history. Central to the entire collection is a section looking at advertising and communication which is testament to Pirelli's fertile collaboration with intellectuals, artists and photographers.

One of the original founding members of Fondazione Pirelli HangarBicocca, Pirelli now wholly sustains and runs the Pirelli HangarBicocca, a dedicated contemporary art venue. This role further strengthens the company's identity within a well-established cultural district in Milan that eagerly seeks out opportunities to engage in international dialogues.