Pirelli regards the training of its people as a key asset for its success and competitiveness. In order to create and deliver a process of continuous learning and development it has established “Training@Pirelli”, a global training framework which aims to provide consistency of training, messages, themes and experiences to all employees around the world.

Training@Pirelli is composed of three main learning “pillars”:

The Professional Academy aims to provide high quality training on technical skills to all the employees in a specific function so as to continuously update the knowledge and skills, and ensure the sharing of knowledge and best practices across Regions and Countries.

The School aims to provide training on managerial topics to all the Middle and Executive population around the world to ensure that managers develop and reinforce the same key behaviors, attitudes and values that are most needed by Pirelli to successfully implement its strategy.

Besides the global training offer of the Professional Academies and of the School of Management, each Country may provide further training opportunities to address specific needs (languages, teambuildings, day by day training, etc.).