International and multi-cultural elements are key for Pirelli, which operates in more than 160 countries in 5 continents, counting 89.5% of its workers outside Italy.

In this multinational framework, people express a great source of diversity. Whilst respecting each country’s cultural differences, all Pirelli subsidiaries share common Company values, policies and rules which are globally applied and diffused in each local language. The attention Pirelli pays to Equal Opportunities and enhancement of Diversity in the working environments are part of the Company’s “Code of Ethics”, specifically of the “Equal Opportunity Declaration” of the Group. On the operational side, long ago Pirelli equipped itself with an “Equal Opportunity Manager” and did the same in each country in which operates.

Different cultures build Company’s identity, being conscious of this diversity implies the maximum trust in local management: 79% of the Senior Managers work in their native country. Pirelli pays great attention in developing its Managers potential through International Mobility: 53% of the Senior Managers had already been in a foreign country subsidiary during their working experience within the Company. Furthermore, 13% of these expats were women. Pirelli has a female population of 14.5% on total workers, which rises to 22.6% if only Managerial positions are taken into account. There’s a homogeneous distribution regarding both average age - 50y.o. for Executives, between 44 and 38 for Managers and Professionals, 37y.o. for blue collars - and average length of service, which is of 9 years.

(All figures refer to 2017 year end)