My voice

In the last few years Pirelli has continued to consolidate its inquiry in climate change so as to make it  tool for learning the views of its employees actively and use them as a basis for setting central and local plans for improvement.

The survey we call "My Voice" involves all Pirelli employees around the world.
Administering the questionnaire is to be performed by a third party, so as to preserve respondent anonymity and  Pirelli will receive findings in an aggregate form.

The My Voice process consists of  having employees around the world complete a questionnaire in November/December, whose findings will then be returned  from February of the following year, and then defining and implementing specific action plans by Country/Department/Business Unit in the months remaining up until the next survey.

The overall global response rate to My Voice, grew strongly between 2013 and 2014 and attained 87% in 2015, with further growth of +2% over 2014.

Speaking of results, the employee Global Trust Index towards the Company is rising.

The results of the survey are made known to employees from February of the year following their being collected, both through dedicated notices on the company Intranet and through face-to-face meetings.

After receiving results, the areas for improvement identified for each specific Country/Department are analysed and priorities for action plans are defined for the main industrial Countries and for Headquarters departments; these priorities are then turned into firm actions, with targets and implementation schedules, and communicated with utmost transparency to the employees of the various organizational units.

Thus, at three years from its launch the My Voice survey has become a structured, well-established and two-way communication process between the company and the people making it up and, through which Pirelli employees can voice their opinions and aid the company in improving  its performance.


10 November – 04 December 2015


34,000 employees approx.


29603 respondents




Italian, English, French, German, Castilian Spanish, LatAm Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Portuguese