My voice


Over the years from 2013 to 2016, Pirelli continued to consolidate the My Voice survey on climate change turning it into a tool for actively listening to employees and as the foundation for devising central and local improvement plans.

In 2017, it was decided to rethink the strategies and methods of listening to and engaging people coherently with the new strategic challenges of Pirelli.

The My Voice process was renewed in 2018 in terms of frequency - from once a year to approximately once every year and a half - and of the structure of the questionnaire itself, in order to allow adequate time for each country, function and business unit to define and implement specific action plans, implementing the requirements arising from the survey.

The fifth global My Voice survey was given in June 2018 to all Pirelli employees worldwide through an online questionnaire which could also be accessed from mobile devices. The shorter questionnaire (38 questions in 2018 against the 64 of the previous surveys) and its design that made it easier to fill in kept participation levels high also for this fifth edition, touching 81%. This confirms the willingness of Pirelli employees to continue expressing their opinion on their experience in the company through this which is now perceived as a consolidated and secure listening channel.

Global response rate trend 2013-2018*

The latest edition of MY VOICE focused on how engaging our workplaces are and whether engagement was sustainable over time.

The adopted Sustainable Engagement model pivots on three dimensions, namely energy, engagement and enabling. The model is based on the concept that a working environment that creates the conditions for Sustainable Engagement over time is one that enables individual performance, providing the resources everyone needs to do their job well, that promotes individual well-being and the ability to "go beyond" in their job, and that strengthens the alignment between objectives of people and those of the Company. The higher the Sustainable Engagement score, the more likely it is for personal engagement to be long-lasting and sustainable over time.


The Pirelli overall global Sustainable Engagement result was 75% in 2018. On a scale from 1 to 5, the replies to the six Sustainable Engagement questions were positive for 3 out of 4 colleagues worldwide.

The 2018 survey also confirmed Pirelli as a company that pays attention to inclusion and diversity which were well above the market benchmarks on the topic.
The sense of belonging and pride of working for Pirelli is confirmed also by the higher indicators, together with a sense of accountability. In the field of professional development, Pirelli is also above average for manufacturing companies.

The priority areas on which to focus, instead, address the ability of direct managers to "do what they say", the level of dissemination of business results and on "how much" the working environment allows people to express their innovation ideas.

The sense of personal achievement and the energy level are also elements to monitor to ensure long-lasting engagement.

These elements will be the guidelines for action plans that will be outlined on global and local levels to continue on the path of continual improvement.

Since a new measurement model was used, the 2018 results are not directly comparable with those of the previous survey in quantitative terms. However, an exercise on global qualitative level on 21 of the 38 questions similar to those of the 2016 questionnaire indicates a positive improvement trend for 18 out of 21 questions.

The results were presented to employees through both global and local deployment in offices and in factories during the last quarter of 2018 and January 2019.

Country and function-specific improvement plans will be defined, collected and monitored during 2019 until the next survey, which is scheduled for 2020.